Contemporary Artist of the Year Award (2008)
At their LAAGAFBLA08 (LA Art Girls Art Fair Biennele Los Angeles 2008 at Phantom Galleries), the LA Art Girls were presented (via video) with the Contemporary Artist of the Year Award. "This highly competitive award is decided from a pool of 740,000 of the World's Premiere, Riveting Artists."
The piece entailed the Trophy, and a headset which announced the award to the group.

from the Press Release: LAAGAFBLA08 is the LA Art Girl's world premier international art show for contemporary works, and will be Los Angeles' cultural and social highlight for the summer. The exhibition recognizes the individual within this unique artist collective. Work by 26 artists, from our cutting edge generation of emerging stars, will be contained in two spectacular downtown spaces. The exhibition includes the highest- quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, and video.

This prestigious exhibition combines a selection of top art works with an exciting program of special performances, parties and crossover events. Exhibition sites are located on 6th Street on the corners of Main and Los Angeles, in the city's beautiful Historic Downtown Old Bank District. The exhibition is within easy walking distance of The Standard Hotel, and driving distance of the beach. The show will be a vital source for art lovers, allowing them to discover new developments in contemporary art. A tour de force, LAAGAFBLA08 is the favorite summer meeting place for the international art world.

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