The LA Art Girls were asked to do a performance in conjunction with the Outfest Art Auction 2007. For this auction, the LA Art Girls performed, "Boys 4 Girls", a piece in which each Art Girl was represented by a Male to go and talk to the audience about the artist and the group as a whole. The Male, dressed in a tee shirt bearing the words, "LA ART GIRL", was meant to go into the audience, meet people, smooze and generally inform the crowd about the LA Art Girls, but more specifically about the work of the artist that they were representing. Colton Stenke was the representative for Sydney Croskery, and did a really fine job explaining her large scale nature vs. technology hybrids to interested guests. While the Boys were out working the crowd, the LA Art Girls relaxed at an official LA Art Girls table while drinking the peach mojitos provided by the event.

This piece was a wide tooth grinned comment on a male dominated society (making the men go work while the ladies socialized), the male dominated art world, performance, and it's generally non-compensated place in the art landscape.