[      the quiet roar      ]

BoxoProjects, Joshua Tree, CA (2016)
In [ the quiet roar ] Sydney Croskery presents a suite of drawings inspired by Joshua Tree, California. The work responds to the desert's polarized forces, where nature collides with technology, societal conformity with its rejection, and where its preternatural stillness creates a silent roar.

Croskery's practice utilizes a database system for the collection, classification and organization of banal and/or discarded items that make up the undercurrent of contemporary daily life: remnants of disposable items, photos, commercials, stolen moments from social media, etc..). In her work insignificant single items combine as a kind of hieroglyphics that reflect the over-stimulation of consumptive contemporary society.

The 7 graphite works in this series combine disparate images culled from time spent in the desert and with the architecture of the gallery in mind. With one full wall that opens to the majesty of the desert, the works themselves look out on the quiet roar of the vast expanse.