Wheel Dress (2006)
Invited by Lace (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) to reinvent 60's Fluxus performance pieces, the LA Art Girls performed a Fluxus Fashion Show inspired by original Fluxus dresses, such as "Build a dress made entirely of envelopes so people can put items in or take items out".
A plywood dress adorned with wheels was performed throughout the gallery by rolling around and spinning. Sixties inspired hair and make-up and hair were a nod to the era out of which fluxus was borne.
A beautifully crafted, yet completely uncomfortable dress that obstructs all feminine parts via a box, the Wheel Dress was poking fun at fashion and model society as well as haute couture, all genres that are based solely on money and beauty.
More information on this project is at www.laartgirls.com.

Photo Credit: Bartholomew Cooke