The Wiener Girls (1998 - 2010)

Photo Credit: Pamela Buchwald

Photo Credit: Pamela Buchwald
The Famous Wiener Girls is a collaborative project of Sydney Croskery and Katey Rafanello that started out as a photography show placed in a popular hot dog stand, The Wiener Circle in Chicago.

What started out as little more than an art world prank, surprisingly became a very successful project receiving much press and invitations for shows, including Performance Week at the Jack Tilton Gallery in New York and the American Pop Culture Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee. From their inception, the Wiener Girls have been famous, and some time around 2007, they achieved World Famous Stardom.

The Wiener Girls have performed in galleries, staged interventions, attended art openings, been kicked out of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, were cheerleaders for a bowling team, were in a slip-and-slide-fashion show, danced on top of the bar at the Hogs and Heffers Bar in NYC, and MC'd the weekly Drunk Redneck Variety Show in Chicago. Their artwork was also stolen and later held for ransom.

Most recently, the Wiener Girls, after an eight year hiatus, celebrated their ten year reunion at the Deitch Art Parade in New York, performing their revolutionary health routine, The Wiener Workout. They also came out with the historic The Wiener Workout Video so that participants could exercise with wieners at home.

The wiener Girls are currently on hiatus.While the original Wiener Girls website is extinct, you can view it in its entirety here.