Abstraction Statement

As an artist who’s mostly been concerned with making representational work with a conceptual backbone, I recently made a U-turn away from interpreting societal insanity, hightailing it into the open territory of abstraction.

Always having had something to say, listening quietly and following an already well-traveled road was a challenge. It was also a relief, seeming apt in a time of continual noise to seek quiet and calm through what was for me a vast new terrain. It felt sane not to extract logic from an illogical time. When the well is dry, you wait for rain.

There presented an unexpected internal fight I began with myself between realism and abstraction. I miss the other when I’m not with it. Having ridded myself of the object, I became irritated and repulsed when one emerged. I’d drown it out with strokes of nothingness, suffocating its meaning. But I missed meaning, I missed objects.

Such is the pendulum of life. Chocolate chip cookies need salt, so you can taste their sweetness.

I find myself now on the pendulum’s wire. Sometimes I make somethings out of nothings, and other times make nothings out of somethings. I float, freefall, and steer my way through the realms of abstraction and representation.

The paintings have no map or directions retaining a balance of materials that lead the way through spontaneity and process, followed by carefully and attentive gestural marks. Drawings are photo realistic representations of abstraction in the real world, their context and signifiers pushed down to obliterate their meaning. Hand in hand, these two mediums express fully my interest in this pendulum swing.