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Using the search function of a computer database populated with items from contemporary daily life, Croskery systematically culls imagery to create content for hand executed drawings. These works are simultaneously analytical and lyrical, digital and analog, general and intimate. Works are made with, as well as deciphered by, a code of faux hieroglyphics. The works and process are recursive; edited and whittled down to find meaning and quiet in an over-stimulated world.

Items collected in the database are anything from detritus of daily life (junk mail, consumer packaging) social media posts (facebook sunsets, crowd sourced commentaries), television commercials, street videos, memories, and sounds, all cataloged as individual items along with their visual properties and lyrical story elements. What collectively feels like the oppression of over-stimulation in our contemporary lives becomes streamlined into quiet and poetic tableau that search for alternate meaning.

Future works will include artist made video as well as dynamic computer generated video.

Photography by Elon Schoenholz