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I collect cultural artifacts (important and trivial, cool and boring, valuable and worthless, personal and general, analog and digital) that make up our contemporary day to day. Currently I am most interested in using these artifacts as visual language and hieroglyphics to explore ideas of perception and misperception, and the idea that as humans, we create truths based on our own personal belief systems.

Using a categorical computer database system, each artifact collect is documented, tagged with physical properties and linked to a narrative story. Using these data points, I can perform searches in my closed system database, allowing the objects that are returned to become stand-ins for language. Sometimes the searches consist of individual words, contrasting the multiplicity of meaning and perception; sometimes they are arranged as sentences, with the individual words or paintings having the ability to be swapped out, allowing for more meanings and perceptions and for the viewer to make their own connections within the disparate objects.

More recently, I have been arranging objects collected for the database alongside their painterly portrayed colleagues. I view these objects as a kind of punctuation for the sentences, helping to bring a cadence to the works, while also introducing the idea of a contemporary vanitas into the project. Objects placed on an artist made shelf feel like the valuable or sentimental objects placed on a mantle in a home, combining the medley of personal and impersonal of the objects and stories collected for this project.