projects/ shows

Shadow Boxing, 2023

Very Important Very Unimportant, 2022

I Shot An Arrow, 2021

of rope and chains her bones were made, 2021

Sharp Wind Through the Cracks, 2021

Feelings Mirror, 2020

The Array, 2019

We Are Here/ Here We Are, 2020

Project Room at the La Granada, 2019

Knock on Wood at The Long Hall Gallery in Plummer Park, 2019

Fiction Follows Form at Los Angeles Mission College, 2019

Hieroglyhics, 2018

Chains at Central Park Gallery, 2019

Love Me, Build Me, Destroy Me,  at MiM Gallery as part of Kamikaze 2019

Collection Connection at Other Places Art Fair, 2019

Origin at Baik Gallery, 2019

Messages, 2018, Citrus College Gallery

Specter of Documentation at Durden and Ray, 2018

A Mere Sum of Parts at Charlie James Gallery, 2017

[ the quiet roar ] at boxoProjects, 2016

Archive Drawings

‘i said…*’  at Campbell Hall School Gallery, 2016

6H to 8B at Fellows of Contemporary Art, 2015

Squaring the Circle at Llano del Rio, 2015

Blitzed Out, 2012

Connect/Intersect 2011

The LA Art Girls, 2006-14

Nature vs. Technology, 2007

Hysteria Deluxe