Sydney Croskery makes muscular abstraction paintings combining spontaneous actions with delicate and detailed punctuations.

Using the adage “the meaning is in the making,” Croskery delves into abstraction to make sense of political, personal, emotional and absurd aspects of life, with a desire to make rigorous paintings that are simultaneously timely and timeless. Starting a painting at zero, visual clarity slowly emerges in a work which eventually coalesces with aligning external themes. Through each painting’s title and a corresponding text, individual works highlight a moment in time, making the paintings a visual record for the complex and conflicting events, perceptions and feelings that make up a day.

Sydney Croskery was born, lives and works in Los Angeles. She has participated in shows at Craig Krull Gallery, Monte Vista Projects, Baik Art, Central Park Gallery, Durden and Ray, Charlie James Gallery, the Fellows of Contemporary Art, LACE, Angles Gallery, and Jack Tilton Gallery. She has also participated in shows at the Getty Museum, The Torrance Art Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Riverside Museum. She was a proud member of the LA Art Girls and is one half of The World Famous Wiener Girls of Chicago. Croskery was a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Grant for 2018.